My first giveaway

I desided to start this year from presents.

So here he is – mini bear Piko. Looking for new home.

Size: 4,9″ standing, 3,9″ sitting
Date and place of birth: 2011 December.
Vilnius, Lithuania
Materials: hand aged german mohair, black german glass eyes and nose.
Stuffed with pollyfill and glass pellets.
Hand dyed aged cotton collar with plastic buttons.
In a handmade box + glass teapot.

Fully jointed artist collectors bear and is not suitable for young children.
No of copies: One of a kind.

Rules are very simple:

1. In the form below please fill your name and email. Dont worry you will not see your comment – I will receive email. If you still want to leave comment (I will be very pleased 🙂 ) please go to the very bottom of the page.

2. If you have a blog and post a link to this one about my giveaway, I will enter your name in the drawing 2 times. Please leave a comment about this when filling the form.

3. Thats all! please return on February 14 to find out who is the winner!


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